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Russ has been training dogs for 20+ years and has honed his
reputation of being a real life "dog whisperer." He has the ability to  
quickly bond with a dog and understand what he or she is thinking.  
Russ is always calm but firm and the dogs respond to his gentle,
motivational training with joy and a new desire to please their
trainer/owner. Russ thinks training should be fun for the dog as
well as the handler/owner and implements this in all he does.
Just a Few of Mr. Osburn's Accomplishments ~
National Training Director GSDCA
Executive Director of the United Schutzhund Club of America (past)
Executive Board Member of the USCA (past)
Regional Director USCA (past)
Judged numerous affliation trials + protection tournaments
Titled 50+ Dogs in Schutzhund
Trained/Handled or Coached 6 Regional Schutzhund Champions
Trained/Handled or Coached dogs :
Handled dogs in 12 National Schutzhund Championships
Handled multiple dogs in a single National Schutzhund Championship
Trained/Handled the 1999 WDA National Universal Sieger
Trained/Handled the 2000 WDA National Universal Vice Sieger
Countless "High in Trial"/"High Protection"/"High OB"/ "High Tracking"
Prepared 24+ Dogs for Sieger Show Protection - all "Pronounced"
Handled a Canadian Siegerin + many Regional Siegers and Siegerins
Handled countless "V" dogs in Sieger Shows
Handled 100's of dogs in conformation shows
Titled + Shown in AKC events
Trained + Certified the most successful DEA dog in Texas
Trained + placed Police and Narcotic dogs all over the USA
Evaluator for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Test
WDA National FH Champion in both 2009 and 2010
12+ 100 point tracks including 2 100 point FH's